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Psychological Therapy

Psychological disorders, such as Anxiety and Depression, are debilitating conditions that significantly impair our ability to study, work, and they may even impair our social and familial relationships. At Psychology Matters, we understand the individual stress and pain, as well as the associated difficulties with the surrounding supportive systems (e.g. family, schools, workplace). Our vision of psychological therapy involves supporting both the individual client and the surrounding circles of influence.

Psychology Assessments

Diagnostic assessments are essential as they enable both the psychologist and the client to have a clear understanding and explanation of their current difficulties. Importantly, they also provide guidance for evidence-based treatment. These assessments typically involve an intake session, psychometric testing and a feedback session, where a psychological report will be provided.


The psychologists at Psychology Matters are trained to provide small group workshops or large townhall-style talks on both Adult and Child mental health issues, including Depression, Anxiety, ADHD, ASD, Internet Addiction, Stress Management, and many more.