Marilyn Tan

Senior Educational Psychologist

Marilyn has 15 years of experience in special education, working closely with children and adolescents in special education schools (SPED) who might be experiencing difficulties in school, or with relationships; and with teachers and caregivers, to support students to thrive and to lead quality lives. 

Her previous experience in Community Psychology Hub (CPH), where she worked with children with child protection issues at a Children Disability Home (CDH), led her to approach her work through a trauma lens, advocating for safe spaces for children to address their trauma experiences. She is trained in Trauma-Focused CBT (TF-CBT), and therapeutic play (PTI), both of which provides the structure and containment for working through trauma experiences. 

Through hands-on support and tailored trainings, she assists caregivers and teachers in managing children’s challenging behaviors, emotional dysregulation, and learning/developmental needs. Marilyn leads group sessions on topics such as healthy and safe relationships, social-emotional regulation and self-identity, and piloted a weekend program at the CDH, providing support for the children to share deeper discussions on difficult issues. 

Marilyn believes in neuro diversity and sees each child as a unique individual with unique strengths waiting to be nurtured and developed with the right conditions. She believes in the resilience of the human spirit and is passionate to journey with clients to work towards thriving. Beyond her clinical work, Marilyn contributes to the nationwide Well Being Circles, facilitating dialogues to normalize mental health discussions and build well-being skills in the community. Additionally, as a certified children’s yoga teacher, she is a strong advocate for movement and nature as essential elements for everyone’s well-being.